At Agefred we help families in Bolivia who live in Yapacaní, a country in Santa Cruz,
where 60% of the population still lives in poverty and where both economic and gender
inequalities are very serious.


From Agefred Bolivia we support a group of fish farmers who have found a way of life in fish farming. This group of producers, mostly women, have created their pools to raise
pacú, a tropical fish. However, the feed they can access locally is of very poor quality.
For this reason, they decided to create the company ACUAPEZ to manufacture quality
feed to feed their fish. Thanks to our financial support you can buy an extruder machine
to produce feed. With this machine they will be able to ensure the breeding and sale of
quality fish, and thus, obtain a stable way of life to support their families, boosting trade
and the local economy.

In this video we are told by the entrepreneurs Sonia López and Ana Aguilera


extruder with which

they ensure food

quality for the fish

is already underway


ACUAPEZ was created by a group of women entrepreneurs who saw a great market opportunity in the manufacture of quality feed for fish farming in the Yacapaní region. The company, created mainly with funds from the ECV program, aims to ensure the supply and quality of the feed, made with sorghum, corn and other grains. The food is sold directly to local fish farmers.


The company started producing the feed in August of 2017 and has already invoiced € 19,616 in sales between August and September. During the first phase of the program, and thanks to joint investments, it has acquired the extruder machine that produces the food and has started the production chain. After several adjustments, the producer team adopted a participatory management model to further involve the community in the company. ACUAPEZ has workers with training and a strong management team.


ACUAPEZ is oriented towards gender equity, contributes to the generation of fair income, food security and resilience to climate change. It offers new job opportunities for women in the fish farming sector while promoting economic participation and women’s leadership. Since its inception, the company has hired 4 full-time employees at the processing plant.

Sonia López, president of the company ACUAPEZ, in Bolivia: