Palau de Gel Andorra

Palau de Gel Andorra




Ctra. general nº1 s/n, Canillo, Andorra.


Refrigeration installation for cooling of ice rink for different sports activities. Initial power of 600 kWF, for a volume of 6,600 kg of refrigerant R-134a, on a surface of 981 m2.

Retrofit of a refrigerant installation from R-22 to R-134a for cooling the ice rink. Cooling capacity of 548kW, with a volume of 6,600 kg of refrigerant R-134a, on an ice rink surface of about 1,800m2.

Scope of works

  • Semi-hermetic screw type compressors, 548 kWF -16 / + 35ºC, with soft starter and PLC control.
  • Installation of compressor oil cooling system with heat utilization for preheating pool air.
  • Adaptation of the Particle Separator set of 5,700 liters and diameter of 1.2 x 5 meters, horizontal type, 2 pumping outlets and Automatic oil recovery system. Energy improvement in the management and control of the refrigerant pumping system to the runway.
  • Installation of an intelligent monitoring system for the prediction of refrigerant gas losses (leakage control).
  • Supervision of leaks in ice rink.
  • Installation Overview of power and control, power lines to all points of consumption and signal. Control system through Industrial PLC and Management through Scada System.
  • Installation of inverters for the optimal regulation of refrigerant pumping systems in the ice rink.
  • Repair of different heat recovery heat exchangers for auxiliary services.
  • Network of steel pipes for heat recovery to heat the pool water of the complex and improvement of the refrigeration installation.


Comú de Canillo (Palau de Gel d’Andorra)