We are committed to reducing the energy consumption of our clients, providing them extra comfort and economic savings, in addition to obtaining an environmental benefit.


At Agefred, we want to be a technological ally of the energy sector, advising, supporting and providing our expertise in the areas of design, installation, maintenance and energy management.


Our mission is to offer a comprehensive energy service in order to optimize energy consumption, ensuring savings and efficient use of energy. Besides guaranteeing the comfort of our users, we also free themselves from the support functions, so that they can gain in competitiveness, flexibility and life quality.


Our goal is to give our clients the highest energy benefits with the best guarantees of quality, comfort, cost savings and profitability.


To do this, Agefred has a highly skilled technical department to meet the needs of the energy market, always operating with a service philosophy of quality and complete flexibility. We have profitable solutions for each client and we want to adapt to them.


We pledge to work following our ideals of customer service and continuous improvement by applying our expertise in each project to always get your satisfaction.