Energy Management

We purchase primary energies and turn them into useful energies for our clients, in order to reduce their energy bills and adapt their facilities to current standards and technologies.

Agefred can operate as an Energy Service Company (ESCO), managing the entire process of energy demand (electrical and thermal either: cooling, heating, hot water, etc.) to achieve an improvement of energy efficiency.

We offer a comprehensive energy service:

  1. We manage the purchase of primary energy (electricity, gas, oil, biomass, coal, solar energy).
  2. We transform primary energy into useful energy: we are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, management and financing of power and production plants.
  3. We supply final energy (cold water, hot water, steam, etc.) with guaranteed results of quantity, quality, availability and performance.

Multiple benefits for clients:

  • Overall energy bill reduction (energy, operating and maintenance costs).
  • Adequacy of obsolete, unreliable or inefficient thermal installations to current regulations and with the latest technologies.
  • Improvement of the service quality.
  • The ESCO assumes the investments of improvement and maintenance of the facilities under full warranty of breakdowns, depreciation and obsolescence
  • Contribution to sustainable development, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Possibility of receiving grants and bonus payments.