Integral solutions in health centers, hospitals and laboratories.


Design, engineering, operation and maintenance of power plants.


The commitment of thermal comfort and the quality of your service.

A step forward in the technical management of energy


Agefred is an energy services company with extensive experience since its foundation in 1974. Established historically in Spain, it develops its installation, maintenance and energy management activities at a national and international level.


Our services can be applicable to a large number of facilities: industrial sector, hospital and biotechnology sector, tertiary sector, offices, local and government entities.

  • ◎ Technical advice and consultation
  • ◎ Facilities
  • ◎ Maintenance
  • ◎ Energy management of buildings
  • ◎ Heat and cold networks
  • ◎ EPC Contracts (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  • ◎ PPP Contracts (Public Private Partnership)


Agefred manages the design, assembly and commissioning of any energy facility.

Our energy facilities guarantee an integrated, safe, efficient and sustainable system.


Agefred’s maintenance of the facilities and its multi-technical management in buildings of the hospital, industrial and tertiary sectors.

We adapt with flexibility to the demands of our clients, covering practically all the possibilities.

Energy Management

We manage the primary energies and convert them into useful ones for our customers, with the aim of reducing their energy bills.

Agefred can operate as Energy Services Company (ESE / ESCO) , managing the entire process of energy demand.

District heating & cooling

The heat and refrigeration networks are systems that generate thermal energy (heat and cooling) in a centralized production plant and distribute it, through a network system.

At Agefred we also develop EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

Ongoing Projects