Polígono Industrial Can Moncau, Llicà d’Amunt, Barcelona (Spain)


Design, execution and start-up of all the facilities of the new Campus buildings. The intervention includes five buildings with a constructed surface area of ​​more than 35,000 m2, and an extension capacity in a second phase of up to 55,000 m2.

The new headquarters is composed of an isolated building for electrical production and 5 buildings connected by a central corridor. Of the five buildings, one is intended for general services of the building, offices and restaurant. The other 4 have a distribution of 3 production plants, including warehouse and one of R & D. In the covered plants we find the productions of the different air conditioning systems.

Scope of works

Air conditioning: with a cold production of more than 4.5 Mw of cooling capacity and close to 2 Mw of heating power. With 79 air conditioning units to service the production areas, including more than 20 ISO 8 rooms and 3 containment zones. Air conditioning by fancoils for the areas of offices and offices.
Communications: 3,000 data connection points in a structured cabling for a 10Gb network. It includes the installation of the CPD and the network of redundant fibers for the communication of the 34 installed racks.
Fire detection: 1,500 fire detection points distributed in all the buildings managed by two control units with 12 analog loops and control software integration.
Electricity: installation in High Voltage formed by cells of 25,000 V for a total installed power of 6.2 MVA. Transformation through 4 transformers of 1,600 kVA, preferential installation of 2 generator sets of 1,600 kVA and installation protected with S.A.I. 300 kVA redundant by S.A.I. modular with 42 kVA redundancy. For electrical distribution, more than 300 km of power cable have been installed.
Industrial cold: installation of 2 cooling plants of 200 kW of redundant operation for installation of Glicolated Water in the 19 positive cooling chambers (5ºC). Installation of 4 freezing chambers (-25ºC).
Technical gases: centralized production facilities for compressed air, CO2 and oxygen distributed in the production plants of buildings.
Natural gas: gas installations to feed the boilers of the HVAC and climate systems, in addition to the restaurant kitchen.
Security installations and access control with integration to control software to manage the security of the building and plot.
Management installation distributed with two levels of implementation. An industrial level composed of 15 intercommunicated CPUs in redundancy grouped according to the criticality of the processes. Visualization and monitoring of operational variables of the facilities with the possibility of updating compliance with FDA standards. A second level of management of the rest of systems. Implementation of a SCADA for the monitoring and control of the different system variables. A total of 5,000 physical signals and 15,000 programming variables.


BIOKIT, empresa del Grupo Werfen