Roca i Pi Retirement Home

Roca i Pi Retirement Home




Badalona, Barcelona, Spain


New building for the extension of the Roca i Pi retirement home installations.

Built area: 4.145 m2.

  • Dining room.
  • Activities room.
  • Meeting room.
  • Common living room with widescreen TV.
  • Rehabilitation and exercise room.
  • Individualized physiotherapist room.
  • Private visitation rooms.
  • Terraces.
  • Adapted lifts.
  • Doctor’s office.
  • Psychologist’s office.
  • Social worker’s office.
  • Parking in the same building.
  • Single and double rooms.
  • Alls rooms with adapted bathrooms.

Scope of works

Installations for the new building: 40 new places for the care of the elderly people, 20 parking places in the basement, and for the reform of an Institutional Pavilion.

Air conditioning and heating. 250 Kw of heating power.

BT electricity.

Sanitation networks.

Plumbing and wastewater treatment systems.

Domestic hot water production systems.

Storage of hot sanitary water.

Solar panels for hot water.

Firefighting: detection and extinction.

Natural Gas.

Lightning protection system.

Nurse call systems in 52 rooms.

CCTV surveillance with 21 cameras and building access control systems.

Telecommunication systems, video door entry, loudspeaker, tv, voice and data.

SCADA system for management of the air conditioning, hot sanitary water and lighting installations for energy optimization for all production systems.


Villareyes, S.L.