VICHY CATALÁN – Refrigeration installation

VICHY CATALÁN – Refrigeration installation

VICHY CATALÁN – Refrigeration installation



Caldes de Malavella, Girona, Spain


Refrigerating installation of the Vichy Catalán Factory. Surface built 675.00 m2.

  • Room Industrial Cold Production Machines.
  • Floor Cover Evaporative Capacitors.
  • Water Treatment Deck Plant.
  • General Cold Industrial Electrical Panel Room.
  • Water Production Room.
  • Room Multitubular Evaporators cooling Vichy Water.
  • Cold Water Deposit Room.

Scope of works

  • Production of industrial cold for the cooling of Vichy water.
  • Screw type compressor with oil separator of 975 kW + 5 / + 35ºC, equipped with a frequency inverter and its own PLC.
  • Revision and reconditioning of piston reciprocating compressor with new electric motor IE3.
  • Particle Separator Set of Ф1.2 x 4 m, horizontal type and manual oil recovery. Liquid supply with valve Expansion electronics and analog level control.
  • Pressure group consisting of 2 pumps for pumping NH3 liquid of 8 m3 / h and 15 mcl.
  • 2 Evaporative condensers with raft and polyester enclosures, 1000 kW each, fans with frequency variators and floating condensation control system.
  • Water cooling in multitubular exchangers Ammonia – Water.
  • Ammonia leak detection system in water circuit.
  • BT electricity. Installed electrical power 420 kWe. General picture of Power and Control.
  • SCADA for management of cold production and water cooling in Vichy.