Consum – Industrial cooling

Consum – Industrial cooling

CONSUM – Industrial cooling



Barcelona, Spain


Cooling installations for the refrigeration of cold fish rooms, loading and unloading dock. Initial capacity of 148 kWF, for a volume of 4414m3, covering an area of 981 m2.

Scope of works

  • Screw type compressor on the Oil separator, of 579 kWF -6/+35ºC, with a frequency converter and PLC amb Variador de Freqüència i PLC of self control.
  • Combined Particle Separator of 5.700 litres and diameter of 1,2x5m, horizontal-type, 3 pumping intake and oil recovery automatic system. Liquid supply with expansion electronic valve and level control of 4 points.
  • Pressure boosting system with 3 multi-cellular pumps of liquid NH3 of 50 m3/h and 35mcl of NH3 liquid cooling. Pressure control system by means of frequency converters in pump motors.
  • Evaporative condenser with polyester frameworks, of 1400 kWC, fans with frequency converters, and Condensation modulating Control System.
  • Installation of evaporators, with NH3 inlet /outlet valve blocks.
  • General power and control panel installation, electric cables up to the consumption and signal points. Control System by Industrial PLC and management by Scada System.
  • Carbon steel pipeline network, Constuction quality control and CE marked, according to the new regulation of RAP.


CONSUM Valencian Cooperative Society